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Wears Wally

These were fun, if intense. Search and Find spreads (for © Egmont Publishing)- you know the drill. There are a few celebs to spot and some ribtickling slapstick moments. My first job with my lovely new agents Astound us.



WTL--Skate-Park-2000px WTL-Football-cropped-2000px WTL-Pet-Show-2000px

Get what you gif

I’ve been enjoying making some animated gifs (or zhifs as I’ve discovered the French pronounce them). It’s always a thrill when, after tinkering away for hours in timelines and layers, you hit Play and your still pictures suddenly live and move.

Here’s one- Spring…

In action!



Mercy Brienne

Done as a Birthday card for one of the family’s warrior women- Attack of Brighton’s own 50 Foot Woman- Gwen Christie, as Brienne of Tarth.

But you knew that.





Tell Laura I…

A not massively flattering portrait of Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s much unappreciated Political Editor, which I sketched during her PMQs briefing on the Daily Politics. She gets lots of stick, mostly for being the bearer of unwelcome news.  I like her.



The Classical

Mega job. Unused. The classical!



Thought I’d get some stuff up before the anniversary of my last post.

This job was a lot of fun to do, though it probably cost me couple of points on my glasses prescription.

Click on each one for a nice big look.















I’ve been enjoying illustrating a couple of ghost stories for unconfident readers recently. This one was about evil dream-clown, people turned into crow, or trees, and the occasional child hanging by its neck. 🙂

I’ve put a few more from the book here. There was one picture where the hero sees his reflection in the water, which was rejected by the publisher, apparently because there was discomfort about a black boy wearing what could be perceived as reverse Minstrel make-up. I was too confused to work out how I felt about that, but I’d drawn the eyes wonky anyway so wasn’t too unhappy to amend. The image I’ve included here is a slightly brushed up iteration of the unpublished version.



Been a long time

I know how worried you must have been about me not posting in almost a year, but it’s all been good in the meantime. Lots of lovely work, fun, play and even some proper learning.

I’ve been attending an all too brief, but very inspiring Graphic Design course at City College Brighton led by the marvelous Phil Jackson. Workload prevented me completing more than a third of the projects, but I was pleased with the outcome of one in particular- a series of book covers based on random word associations. Click images below for a better view.

There were other projects too, at least one of which can be seen join my Behance site. I’ll add a couple more if I get a chance.



Barefaced Chic

Another character from the same project as the caviar lady  I posted last week.


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