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An incarcerated Osirian Destroyer and his faithful service robot while away the millennia.


Gaelic Bread

A few more pics for the Gaelic teaching books.


Dad n Lad

Father’s Day card for the old man and Birthday card for one of the young.



Another in an occasional series featuring renderings of my ever more distinguished/rapidly dilapidating boatrace.



Mindful of delicate sensibilities, I also did a version more suitable for pre-watershed viewing.


But it’s a lie.



Caviar to the Particular

Been far too long since I last updated, so I’ll put up a few pieces over the next day or two.

For hors d’oeuvres- here’s a young lady at her petit déjeuner, for your délectation.



Monsters Ink

A couple of Spot The Difference type things for kids. Call this working?


Children Of the Full Moon

Did this a couple of years ago for a Twitter challenge to “Draw Hammer Horror”, set by James Howard- aka @themooks

My contribution was my take on an irresistible opening scene from the joyously blood-splattered and traumatic Hammer House Of Horror series, which my parents left the 12 year old me babysitting my little sis in front of every Saturday night. The episode in particular featured Diana Dors hosting a sleepover even more licentious than her usual, and contained the single most heartstopping jump-out-of-my skin moment of my viewing lifetime.

The rest of the rather excellent #drawhammerhorror art here.


Zero Heroes

These are some superhero characters I worked on with colab for Lewes Council, who are campaigning to create a “zero waste culture”. Maximum recycling basically.


I ‘m sure I had a photo of at least one of these on the side of a truck, which I’ve mislaid. I’ll pop it up here if I find it.

Here’s their site.


I also had a couple of rejected stabs at the characters along the way, and I got why they didn’t fit, but I’m still rather fond of them. zerohero-toonicezerohero-toonasty


Poetry book pics

Loved doing the cover for a book of fun poems a while back, and have just finished doing the equally enjoyable inside illustrations for it.

Here are a couple. Some more can be found here. Click me! 



My little shop

If you’re perhaps looking to enrich your life with some affordable art of the very highest quality, you may be interested to learn that I’ve now set up an open car-boot page on this site, to flog some prints, posters and postcards.


Actually now that I’m a proper shopkeeper, that should probably read print’s, poster’s and postcard’s.

Please drop by and take a look!

(Sadly, I haven’t as yet worked out how to draw eyes in the Os of “look”.)

storepic4 storepic3 storepic2


Many thanks by the way to the ever brilliant Sam Williams for the superlative camera skills on show here.