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Léamh Sa Bhaile

Some jolly illustrations for a series of books teaching Gaelic to English speaking kids.

Click this sentence to see a full gallery from this batch.



One Way Or Another

A green-skinned take on Chris Stein’s photoshoot of Debbie Harry, with whom he was stepping out at the time.


Horn section

And that’s when I fell for the Leader of the Pachyderms.

rhino 1000px


Here be Scousers

They get us to World Cups, they risk everything finding our long lost treasures, and they even teach us how to bake. But where do they come from?

Here’s a map of Liverpool I enjoyed doing as a quick job for  a mate at SevenStreets.

One of the pictured icons didn’t make the final print.


7streets map resized 1000px

Jason King

Wyngarde 700px

In case the Bake Off was a bit too obscure a reference for you, here’s the eternally trending Peter Wyngarde as Jason King, off to hospitalise a gang of villains without breaking a sweat, or discover a new pâté, or some such.


After digging through some of the celebrity likenesses  from my back pages last week, I fancied giving my caricaturing muscles a bit of a stretch. Here’s my bash at the ever fragrant Mary Berry and the implausibly geometrically-groomed Paul Hollywood from the Great British Bake Off  (with bonus mini Mel and Sue).

GBBO 1000px


poster image of brazil football player Pelé

Seen here in happier times, before the erectile dysfunction.


Pele resized flattened 500px

Formula 1

Still needs work- I’m thinking of festooning the cars with adverts, amongst other tweaks.


Jocks and Geordies

Visualisations for some swashbuckling Highland Stuart action.border_reiver

Tiger Feet


That’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, I really dig…

Okay I’ll stop now.