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Wears Wally

These were fun, if intense. Search and Find spreads (for © Egmont Publishing)- you know the drill. There are a few celebs to spot and some ribtickling slapstick moments. My first job with my lovely new agents Astound us.



WTL--Skate-Park-2000px WTL-Football-cropped-2000px WTL-Pet-Show-2000px

Mercy Brienne

Done as a Birthday card for one of the family’s warrior women- Attack of Brighton’s own 50 Foot Woman- Gwen Christie, as Brienne of Tarth.

But you knew that.






Another in an occasional series featuring renderings of my ever more distinguished/rapidly dilapidating boatrace.



Mindful of delicate sensibilities, I also did a version more suitable for pre-watershed viewing.


But it’s a lie.



Jason King

Wyngarde 700px

In case the Bake Off was a bit too obscure a reference for you, here’s the eternally trending Peter Wyngarde as Jason King, off to hospitalise a gang of villains without breaking a sweat, or discover a new pâté, or some such.


After digging through some of the celebrity likenesses  from my back pages last week, I fancied giving my caricaturing muscles a bit of a stretch. Here’s my bash at the ever fragrant Mary Berry and the implausibly geometrically-groomed Paul Hollywood from the Great British Bake Off  (with bonus mini Mel and Sue).

GBBO 1000px