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I’ve been enjoying illustrating a couple of ghost stories for unconfident readers recently. This one was about evil dream-clown, people turned into crow, or trees, and the occasional child hanging by its neck. 🙂

I’ve put a few more from the book here. There was one picture where the hero sees his reflection in the water, which was rejected by the publisher, apparently because there was discomfort about a black boy wearing what could be perceived as reverse Minstrel make-up. I was too confused to work out how I felt about that, but I’d drawn the eyes wonky anyway so wasn’t too unhappy to amend. The image I’ve included here is a slightly brushed up iteration of the unpublished version.




Another in an occasional series featuring renderings of my ever more distinguished/rapidly dilapidating boatrace.



Mindful of delicate sensibilities, I also did a version more suitable for pre-watershed viewing.


But it’s a lie.



Children Of the Full Moon

Did this a couple of years ago for a Twitter challenge to “Draw Hammer Horror”, set by James Howard- aka @themooks

My contribution was my take on an irresistible opening scene from the joyously blood-splattered and traumatic Hammer House Of Horror series, which my parents left the 12 year old me babysitting my little sis in front of every Saturday night. The episode in particular featured Diana Dors hosting a sleepover even more licentious than her usual, and contained the single most heartstopping jump-out-of-my skin moment of my viewing lifetime.

The rest of the rather excellent #drawhammerhorror art here.