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Tell Laura I…

A not massively flattering portrait of Laura Kuenssberg, the BBC’s much unappreciated Political Editor, which I sketched during her PMQs briefing on the Daily Politics. She gets lots of stick, mostly for being the bearer of unwelcome news.  I like her.



Dad n Lad

Father’s Day card for the old man and Birthday card for one of the young.


One Way Or Another

A green-skinned take on Chris Stein’s photoshoot of Debbie Harry, with whom he was stepping out at the time.



poster image of brazil football player Pelé

Seen here in happier times, before the erectile dysfunction.


Pele resized flattened 500px

Formula 1

Still needs work- I’m thinking of festooning the cars with adverts, amongst other tweaks.


Jocks and Geordies

Visualisations for some swashbuckling Highland Stuart action.border_reiver

Tiger Feet


That’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, that’s neat, I really dig…

Okay I’ll stop now.

My face

I did this in Manga Studio for a profile picture yesterday. For vanity’s sake, some wrinkles have been removed, while some jollity and sparkle have been appended to the eyes.


Me portrait

Demon Bowler

Here’s another one while I’m at it… in anticipation of the smack of durable synthetic leather on polypropylene on the green this evening.


Moving pictures

In this old scrap of nonsense of mine, our hero is beset by numerous unspeakable misadventures and tribulations, some of them quite appallingly animated.

I might do a sequel where, even more horrifyingly, our hero somehow unwittingly acquires an unwanted Google+ account while heroically uploading his old animations to YouTube in order to appease the mighty iGods, now that they have decreed the Shockwave Flash format unacceptable.