A sample spread for a children's story book to promote the Christmas season at a West End London luxury goods shop. The shop's interior is decorated with carved animals, and in the story we would see them come to life and have magical adventures, showcasing the shop's various departments.
Being Christmas, I would have liked to include some decorations and snow on window sills, but deadlines intervened.
An initial character rough of the elephant. Optimal text placing would have been on the right, so I reversed the image from here.
A fuller rough including the bossy pelican character who tries to maintain order while his colleagues run riot.
This spread showcased the shop's famous fabric range, so I loosely drew numerous drapings in which to drop in a range of designs matching those sold there.
It was satisfying to create wider patterns from small clusters of artwork.
A bit of texture and tone to both add depth and pull the various elements together.
A detail of the elephant's face...
...and the pelican's.
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