For the Experimental Type project we found and photographed two "found" alphabets of letter forms. One was of forms which occurred unintentionally.
The other alphabet to be found was of letters used deliberately. As a binding concept, I limited my collection to the type on the side of vans used by independent traders. Following a row about a tweet by a UK MP, perceptions about the choices made by "White Van Man" were very much in the news when I was doing the project, so I was interested to collect some of the visual communication and design choices these businesses had made or paid for (although not all the vans were white!).
The other part of the project was to create a number of type forms from found materials. For the first set of letter forms, I used the sloughed legs of my son's pet tarantula. 
Next I created two sets of letters based on the type face Amaze (normal font capitals). The first was with fairy lights arranged on the ground.
The second, slightly stomach-churningly, was made by carefully arranging bitten fingernails. I appreciate that this would be gruesome enough, without the automatic presumpion that these might be toenails. My apologies!
Helvetica bold font lower case characters stenciled in wall paint onto green bottles.
And the same font (modified to trap contained shapes) cut into painted plastic milk bottles and lit from within
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